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A mini implant consists of a miniature-sized titanium implant that acts like the root of your tooth. On the top of the implant sits a retaining fixture that snaps into a corresponding fixture on your denture.


The result is a more comfortable, stable denture that enables you to enjoy life without worrying about your teeth. How are mini implants different from ordinary sized implants?

With a regular-sized dental implant, there needs to be a certain amount of bone structure available to place it. With mini implants, less space is needed, which allows the use of a site that has less than adequate bone.

Placing mini implants is also often simpler and less time-intensive than placing full-sized implants. Full-sized implants generally require several months of healing before they can reliably support dental restorations, while mini implants can often support a denture right away.

The procedure for placing mini implants is usually simple and relatively pain-free, and the recovery time is often just a day or two.

Modifications to the denture are made on the same day the implants are placed, so you can begin wearing it with your new implants right away.

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